The Bob Lazar story has caught the attention of myself and many others earlier this year, after he talked with Joe Rogan and even had a Netflix documentary released about his supposed experience working as a scientist at a secret government laboratory where they analyzed alien spaceship technology. In this article, I simply want to briefly list the main reasons why I believe his story is a hoax, and why you should too.

1 - Inconsistent Story

After looking through some of his old interviews, I found he has made several fantastic claims that are not mentioned in his new documentary or his interview with Rogan. Here’s an example:

Alien autopsy pictures

In this clip, at about 1:50 in, you can hear Lazar claim that he witnessed autopsy pictures of alien corpses, with detailed description of their anatomy. With Rogan (and elsewhere), he only claimed to “catch a glimpse” of something that might have been an alien through a window. Why didn’t he mention these autopsy reports? Because he’s a liar who hasn’t been able to keep a straight story.

2 - Backstory Holes

This article does a thorough job of debunking Lazar’s claims that he had an MS from MIT and another from CalTech. In short, he got caught in a blatant lie:

He was publicly asked when he got his MS from MIT. He said “Let me see now, I think it was probably 1982.” Nobody getting an MS from MIT would not know the year immediately. He was asked to name some of his profs, He said: “Let’s see now, Bill Duxler will remember me from the physics department at Caltech.” I located Dr. Duxler. He’s a Pierce Junior College physics prof, and never taught at Caltech. Lazar was registered in one of his courses at the same time Lazar was supposedly at MIT! Nobody who can go to MIT goes to Pierce JC, not to mention the rather long commute between LA and Cambridge, Mass.

3 - Bad Physics

Lazar claims that element 115 has some exotic properties not seen in ordinary matter, that make it possible to use it to bend space-time in a way that gravity can be used as a propulsion mechanism. This in itself is a complete violation of how gravity works in Einstein’s theory of relativity and the standard model of physics, but let’s for the sake of the argument ignore that and pretend any of this is even remotely plausible.

One immediate consequence of this would be that there is a group of secret U.S. physicists that have uncovered evidence that all of modern physics is fundamentally wrong, and presumably have developed some alternate model of how the universe really works that fits with this alien technology. So all ongoing research in modern physics around the world into things like string theory or other fields should be thrown straight out the window, and all textbooks rewritten with this new knowledge. For some unknown reason, they have kept quiet about all of this for over 30 years now. All of this is completely absurd.

Gravity waves

In this clips (about 60 seconds in) Lazar starts talking about “gravity A waves” and “gravity B waves” inside atoms to explain the properties of element 115 that make it possible for it to bend space-time (around 1 minute in). This is completely made up terminology that doesn’t exist anywhere in real physics. Anyone with even a just basic understanding of modern physics would laugh in the face of what is being said here.

Hopefully all this should be enough to convince anyone still on the fence on whether this guy is the real deal or not. He’s simply not. But I will give him credit for being a masterful liar.